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Infection Control In Nursery – Covid

Recent events have borne out our own experience gained operating nurseries for 16 years. At Claylands Nursery, transmission rates of all illness and infections is markedly low. We believe this is because of the amount of time the children spend outdoors and the very large indoor spaces available to the children. We notice again and […]

16 Years can you believe it !

This year Claylands Nursery celebrates 16 years of providing incredible learning experiences in our wonderful and unique environment. Come and visit to see for yourself the difference in what we are able to offer. We make sure that we are always abreast of the most recent updates in childhood practice to ensure that your child […]

Outside All Day Long

With our new flock of wooden sheep, we have been appreciating the glorious days. Playing with water, sand, loose parts. Making and hiding in the den, making cakes in our mud kitchen. Childhood could not be more creative and fun than at Claylands.

The Learning in Loose Play items

In a world in which we are preparing our youngsters for jobs, it is imperative to fuel children’s curiosity and appetite for learning. This love of learning, along with the skills to communicate, problem-solve, and self-regulate, will lead to life-long success no matter the profession. Some might say that learning these skills will only happen behind […]

The importance of an uncluttered learning environment!

Shelves overflowed with piles of games, equipment and donated items, making the room look more like a car boot sale than a classroom. In fact, there seemed to be more storage space than floor space.… A cluttered play environment can make children restless and unfocused. When toys do not lead to deep engagement, children are easily […]

Outdoor Play at Claylands Nursery

Outdoor play is central to early development. Exploring, risk taking, fine and gross motor skills development, and indeed the majority of cognitive development, is best learned outdoors. Children need spaces large enough to run, jump, shout, hide, explore freely, have free access to sand, mud, water, freedom to explore – and Claylands Nursery is unique in providing such […]

Healthy Eating at Nursery

Here at Claylands we have an on-site cook who uses the Care Inspectorate Healthy Eating Document called “Setting the Table” (See Below) Every Meal is nutritionally balanced for young children and follows their guidelines. It is cooked fresh on the premises every day and our meal times and snack times are social occasions where the […]

Manager Qualifications

Nursery Management has become a discipline in its own right, and our Claylands Nursery Manager is qualified not just to degree level, she has also gained the Post Degree Diploma in childhood practice from Glasgow University. She is one of only a very few people in Scotland to have already qualified at this level. You […]