Security of the Children

At Claylands Nursery the security of the children is paramount.
A system of triple gates and fences which have no openings means that it would be impossible for a child to escape. This has been thoroughly risk assessed to give parents peace of mind.

Why is outdoor play so important in the early years?

Outdoor play gives children more advanced motor skills than their “indoor” peers, including co-ordination, balance and agility. Children who grow up playing outdoors with less “screen time” from as young an age as possible, grow up more physically active, curious, resilient and independent.

Encouraging children to spend time outdoors and away from technology aids physical wellbeing and improves emotional and intellectual health.

These good habits last a lifetime!

Why outdoor play is so Important for young children and babies

Where do we start?
More advanced motor skills than their peers…
More advanced coordination and balance than their peers…
A better knowledge and understanding of the world and of STEM subjects
Opportunities to be fully immersed in open ended play
Exploring and safe risk taking extend your child’s abilities and learning

There is no better start in life than a huge safe outdoor experience!

Claylands’’An amazing place for little humans”

At Claylands we are constantly evaluating and self evaluating the experiences that we offer the children. To this end, we ask parents and children for their feedback. We keep lots of evidence, photographic and written, which informs our individual children’s planning. Notwithstanding, planning for very young children should be very much ‘in the moment’ and led real time , by the children’s curiosities and interests. Our recent parent questionnaires were fantastic to analyse, our favourite comment being that Claylands ‘Is an amazing place for little humans!’. Well, it is abundantly true that planning ‘in the moment’ is made easy with the opportunities available in the natural environment at Claylands! We didn’t even know we would be making a wormery today..

Learning at home- parent information

‘Please look at the nursery closed group website which contains information for parents with ideas for home learning. However, don’t stress about ‘teaching’ your preschool aged children when nursery is closed. Daily activities are all learning experiences – just describe to your child everything that you are doing – which will increase understanding of the world and verbal skills. count when you are cooking, or out walking! Remember, when we are preschoolers, learning is all through play. the more fun it is, the more your child will learn from the experience.’=

The perfect-calm and peaceful- nursery playroom!

Too much colour overstimulates children. Bright clashing colours and plastic do not create a good environment for under 5’s. At Claylands, we know that nature demonstrates a tranquil environment. Natural colours and materials create a calm and peaceful atmosphere. This is backed up by all the educational research including Reggio. Look at our playrooms which are wood and natural colours and materials – and feel the calm.=

WHO says limit screen time for under 5’s

‘Limit screen time for children under 5 years old, says the World Health Organisation. “Children under 5 must spend less time in front of screens, or in prams or sitting down, and have more active play if they are to grow up healthy, says the WHO. If healthy habits are established early in life, this helps shape..childhood, adolescent and adulthood’  We find it a joy at Claylands to watch the children develop whilst learning outdoors in an outstanding natural environment.

Infection Control In Nursery – Covid

Recent events have borne out our own experience gained operating nurseries for 16 years.
At Claylands Nursery, transmission rates of all illness and infections is markedly low. We believe this is because of the amount of time the children spend outdoors and the very large indoor spaces available to the children.
We notice again and again that infections and illnesses are low and any illnesses or infection that does emerge, typically does not spread.
We do believe that the transmission rates are reduced because of the facilities we provide. This has been borne out over the past 16 years. Obviously we are not scientists, we can only say what we see, however the science backs up what we are happy to observe at Claylands Nursery.

16 Years can you believe it !

This year Claylands Nursery celebrates 16 years of providing incredible learning experiences in our wonderful and unique environment. Come and visit to see for yourself the difference in what we are able to offer.
We make sure that we are always abreast of the most recent updates in childhood practice to ensure that your child has the best start.

Outside All Day Long

With our new flock of wooden sheep, we have been appreciating the glorious days. Playing with water, sand, loose parts. Making and hiding in the den, making cakes in our mud kitchen.

Childhood could not be more creative and fun than at Claylands.