The Benefits of Sending your Child to Nursery

The Benefits of Sending Your Child to Nursery

Sending your child to nursery is one of the biggest steps you will have to make as a parent. It can be a very sensitive time, but nursery can have a positive and long-term impact on children’s capabilities, progress and social development.

A child’s brain develops more in the first five years than at any other stage of their life. During this time they develop emotions, speech, taste, touch, behaviour and so many more important skills that will shape the rest of their lives, so allowing them to have rich experiences will help to maximise their growth and learning.

A recent study commissioned by the Department of Education (June 2015) looked at how pre-school influences children and young people’s attainment. The study found that children who had attended a nursery and pre-school setting had a better overall attainment than children who did not, and that an early start for children in a high quality setting showed especially beneficial.

Choosing to send your child to nursery can play a big part in their childhood; it is a focused environment for children to flourish and grow to the best they possibly can. Children are able to make new friends of a similar age, develop relationships and social skills that will shape their growth when going forward. These skills will help when children go on to start school, out-of-school activity classes, university, etc., to help build them as confident individuals.

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